Chanel J12-20 watch



TheJ12It took the watchmaking world by storm when it was launched in an unconventional material like ceramic, proving a worthy contender scoring major points in terms of durability and style at the turn of the 21st century. Created by Jacques Helleu in 2000, theJ12Today’s watch has undergone numerous evolutionary changes that only made it better over the years, and you can expect to find limited pieces released especially to commemorate the 20th anniversary of this acclaimed timepiece.


One of them includes theClock J12-20that is available in only 2020 pieces worldwide. Covering all the signatures of the house, from the2.55bag to the#5perfume bottle, as well as the symbolic camellia and tweed jacket, in total there are 20 symbols (in line with the 20th anniversary) located on the bezel and dial. And while he’s at it, he’ll also notice that 12 brilliant-cut diamonds decorate the watch, giving it extra sparkle even from a distance.


TheClock J12 20will come in 2 sizes, the33MM(SGD9350) and38MM(SGD 11,500) in white ceramic and steel. Other than size, both watches feature the same specifications, including thehigh-precision Chanel. Gauge 12.1movement and water resistance of 200 meters. The steel caseback is even engraved with the words ‘20 years. Limited to 2020′, making this coveted limited edition worthy of celebrating 20 years of its existence since 2000.