Chanel J12: timeless in black or white



What makes ChanelJ12a truly timeless piece?

To sum it up simply would be the fact that the watch has an iconic design that has transcended form and function. And although this year he is already 17 years old (yes, he has been since 2000), theJ12it is probably the first watch that comes to mind when you think of Chanel watches. Contemporary, avant-garde and relevant. Until this very day.

ChanelJ12comes in a neutral palette. Two colors,BlackandWhite, dominate most of the collection simply because they both stand out equally on any wrist. And because they’re made from high-tech ceramic, it’s cool on the skin any time of day, extremely durable, and yet looks exactly the same as the day you bought it, whether 5 months or 5 years later. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion, because it’s a watch that’s almost easy when it comes to complementing your personal style.

Now while trying to detect the variousJ12previously consolidated watches (first timed onBagaholicboy), know that this is the best it can be when it comes to fine Chanel watches for your kind consideration. While allJ12the collection is huge, from ceramic classics toJ12 D’Exceptionwhich is adorned with an assortment of diamonds and other sparkling goodies, these five featured in the video above are the perfect combinations ofBlackandWhite.YourandYours.YoursandMine.Our.

Video: @walnutcrust for Bagaholicboy