Montblanc TimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph e-Strap

montblanc_timewalker-urban-speed-chronograph-e-strapWith just days into 2015, Montblanc has released a new watch (well, it’s not exactly the watch that’s new, but more on that later) to help us, well, be more than we can be. No, I’m not muttering nonsense. In fact, I’m talking about the newUrban Speed ​​Electronic Strap, which is actually a small device that is attached to the watch band. Essentially an embedded technology device, theUrban Speed ​​Electronic StrapIt allows you to do many things, from staying informed of notifications to tracking your activity levels to reading text messages, all of which will work very easily once you’re connected to its app, which can be used with select Android and iOS smartphones.

And that’s not all. It can also be activated to take photos with your smartphone, view incoming calls and even play music, so it’s basically just a niftier extension of your mobile device that can be worn on your wrist.

Which is all well and good, considering this won’t be the first time such a device has been available on the market either on its own or built into a watch. What caught my attention the most is the lineTimewalkerclocks offered with this device, collectively known asTimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Electronic Strap.

Take theTimeWalker Urban Speed ​​Chronograph(shown above), for example. Sporting a stealthy black DLC case that comes detailed in racer red, it’s finished with another Montblanc creation, theExtreme Leather Strapwhich looks like carbon but is actually leather treated to be abrasion resistant, water repellent and fire retardant. In other words, this is a watch that scores high on both brains and brawn, making it a sure-fire keeper.

Image: Montblanc